Haltwhistle Burn


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Haltwhistle Burn, winding its way down from the Roman Wall to the old stone houses of Town Foot, the wooded burn valley has a secret to unfold.

Starting from the peaty soil of the wild moor land high above the town, the water of the burn runs through the military zone of the Roman Wall, across high meadows, through a dramatic sandstone gorge and down, between lushly wooded banks, to join the waters of the River Tyne. A newly re-laid footpath beside the Burn gives access for all to this delightful walk through beautiful rural scenery.

But it was not always a place of tranquility. Woollen mills, coal pits, quarries, lime kilns and brickworks lined the banks of the Burn, plundering the rocks and powering their machinery with its waters. From the first corn mill built by the Romans until the closure of the last fireclay works and narrow gauge line in the thirties, this small stream was the industrial powerhouse of Haltwhistle bringing employment and prosperity to the people of the town.

Walk the Burn and enjoy the diversity of wildlife and peace of the countryside. Walk the Burn and discover the secrets of its industrial past.