Roman Army Museum


Carvoran House

Roman Army Museum, Carvoran, Greenhead (Open daily from February to October, times may vary). The fort at Carvoran predated the Wall, housing 1000 men in AD 80, but there is hardly anything left above ground. The Carrick family who farmed there through the 18th and 19th centuries found it was much more lucrative to sell all the inscribed stones they turned up with the plough to tourists than to try and grow crops. As a result there are more inscriptions extant from Carvoran than any other British site – but none of them are here!

History comes alive at the Roman Army Museum on the site of the fort - learn about the life of the Roman soldier, view displays and Roman artifacts and visit the film theatre where you can soar with the eagle and 'fly' along Hadrian's Wall to Vindolanda Fort, enjoying a bird's eye view of the scenery and reconstructions.


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