"Heart of Hadrian's Wall Tourism Association" aim is to promote tourist-related businesses around Hadrian's Wall between Heddon-on-the-Wall and Brampton.

You are invited to join this growing network, giving you the opportunity to have a listing on this site, attend meetings and influence how we work together.

Membership is open to all bona-fide businesses within our area which have links to tourism who are interested in promoting the objects of the Association. However, accommodation providers within the association must be accredited by a recognised body, within the UK.

Benefits of Membership

  • We offer members the opportunity of a listing on to our new website www.heartofhadrianswall.com with a link to their own website
  • We are an officially recognised group with links to the Area Tourism Partnerships and the as such are able to influence their thinking. We work closely with partners such as Northumberland Tourism, Hadrian's Wall Trust and The Northumberland National Park Authority.
  • You stand to gain referred business from other members.
  • Trading opportunities/ booking training as a group comes cheaper.
  • Benefits of raised awareness/ passing on knowledge/shared information.
  • Mutual support and networking.
  • Membership is tax deductible.
  • Access to funding is more achievable for a group.

You are very welcome to attend one of our meetings and meet other members, meetings are generally held in February, April, May, September and December at various locations.

You can be part of the the network and create your business listing on this site.

Submit Listing

Or you can fill out our contact form if you have any questions and one of the committee will be in touch.