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Nicola & Tom Smith
Muckle Brewing is a tiny Northumbrian brewery with big values and mighty flavours. Situated close to Hadrian’s Wall, in an idyllic rural setting, Muckle Brewing is a craft brewery supplying high quality ales to the local area, in bottle and cask. We select the best grains and hops to create ales with layers of flavour, a strong head and a refreshing taste. Many years of brewing experimentation, testing, successes and failures have culminated in the development of Muckle Brewing’s inaugural four ales. We have recently launched a summer ale to join the Muckle family.
Definition: Muckle – Northumberland & Scottish dialect – great, massive, huge. In Northumberland used mainly as an adjective to describe big, large or mighty; muckle house, muckle tree.

At Muckle Brewing, all of our ales have been influenced by the local landscape and natural features that surround the brewery, located just outside of Haltwhistle in Northumberland. A description of these local influences can be read on our bottled ales, and on our website which also lists our stockists.

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