Yeavering Bell Hillfort


Old Yeavering, Northumberland

Special Interest

The largest Iron Age hill fort in Northumberland, Yeavering Bell sits at the top of a high hill on the edge of the Cheviot Hills, within Northumberland National Park. The 'Bell' is actually the entire hill, at the top of which is an area of about 5.6 hectares surrounded by a stone wall, within which can be seen the remains of Iron Age roundhouses.

When the site was at it's peak of activity, there were 130 houses within the walls. There is also the remains of a burial cairn, which indicates the hill was in use as far back as the Neolithic period.

At the foot of Yeavering Bell is Ad Gefrin, the site of a palace used by the Anglo-Saxon kings of Northumbria. St Paulinus came to Ad Gefrin in AD 627 to convert the native Northumbrians to Christianity.

You can climb up the hill ('Bell') to see the amazing views from the summit, although you do need some level of fitness, as the slope can be steep.


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